The Ultimate Solution In Case Of Rain
names under the , following with and BESSRAIN. We are expertise in the field of rainwater industry for over 20 years in Malaysia. At we are professionally providing solutions for Siphonic Rainwater Drainage System which originally designed by Valsir, a pioneer leader in Italy's plumbing market.

The system is designed to fully meet the demands of increasing rainfall levels rainwater drainage from medium to large size of buildings in total safety. The system uses the building heights as the driving force to generate high speed flow rates thus maximizing drainage efficiency. The system offers the advantage of removing the large volumes of rainwater efficiency by using a very minimum of pipework compared to conventional rainwater discharge system.

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material saving
Material Saving
requires a lower number of roof outlets and allows a substantial reduction in pipe diameters and quantities when compared to conventional systems.
time saving
Time & Labor Saving
Construction programmes are accelerated due to reduced installation times moreover. Less groundwork is required due to the reduced number of embedded pipes
space saving
Space Saving
The roof outlets are connected to single horizontal collector pipes that are fitted without gradient fall and the downpipes are positioned anywhere along the building perimeter, thus avoiding any interference.
design flexibility
Design Flexibility
Complete control over downpipe location and absence of embedded pipes causes increased design flexibility of the siphonic system.
high performance
High Performance
When in operation drainage pipes flow at 100% full bore and high velocity. Therefore draining speed is greater resulting in the self-cleaning action of the pipework.
system assurance
System Assurance
The system is covered by warranties which guarantee against defects in design, installation, materials and workmanship up to Ten (10) Years upon commissioning.
complete system
Complete System
We are capable to provide the full rainwater complete system with high quality material which including the Conventional Rainwater Drainage system, Siphonic Rainwater Drainage system and Rainwater Harvesting for any projects.
The implementation of BESSRAIN Rainwater Harvesting System to make the collection of rainwater easier to reuse in irrigation systems, WC System & other non-drinking uses.
smart backup
Smart Backup System
Our system is perfect cooperation in terms of pipeworks' design and supply which capable to provide a hybrid backup system for any buildings by our besstem Conventional Rainwater Drainage System.